Heavy Duty Cleaner [4L]

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Disinfect while cleaning with a natural, skin friendly cleaner. Refill jug for 1 litre spray bottle.

DaBomb.me Heavy Duty Cleaner is safe on all surfaces. Cuts grease with ease. Safe for pets. Use it in the kitchen for floors, counters, stainless steel sinks, and more. Good all-round cleaner in the home. Great for cars or in the shop. Cleans and repels dirt.

People Safe
Environmentally Safe
100% Natural
Does not irritate eyes or skin
99.998% Disinfectant
Economical and Efficient in hard, soft, or salt water
100% Biodegradable
Safe on plastics, paints, and fabrics
Free of phosphates, nitrates, pollutants
Safe for pets

In most cases ordering in multiple quantities is more economical for shipping. Please contact us for shipping rates when ordering more than one product.

Ingredients: Water, soybean oil, glycerin, guar gum, onion extract, corn oil, carrot, orange oil, vegetable based fatty acids, tallow, vanillin

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